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The Times (12/Jan/1927) - The Film World

(c) The Times (12/Jan/1927)



The Astoria, the new “super-cinema” in Charing Cross-road, the site of which was for many years occupied by Messrs. Crosse and Blackwell's factory, is to be opened to-night. The British film, “The Triumph of the Rat”, will be shown, with Mr. Ivor Novello, Miss Isabel Jeans, and Miss Nina Vanna in the leading parts. Mr. Novello will make a personal appearance. Other picture's soon to be seen at this theatre are the British film “Cinders”, Miss Betty Balfour's new production; “Don Juan”, including Mr. John Barry more; and “The Better ‘Ole”; with Mr. Syd Chaplin. The building holds more than 2,000 people, and includes, in addition to the cinema, a large cafe and a dance hall. The Mayor of Westminster (Councillor Bucknell) will formally declare the new building open to-night.

British National Pictures, Limited, have just made an arrangement with Wardour Films, Limited, by which Mr. John Maxwell, chairman of the latter company, will join the board of the former, while at the same time retaining his chairmanship of Wardour Films. The management of British National Pictures will then be reorganized, and Wardour Films will act as distributors of the films made by British National Pictures. The new studios of the company at Elstree are now at work, and the opening scenes have been made by Mr. Herbert Wilcox, in which are appearing the American actress, Miss Dorothy Gish, Mr. Nelson Keys, Miss Marie Ault, and Mr. Antonio Moreno. Work is also proceeding on the new British picture, “Blighty”, which is being made at Islington by Mr. Adrian Brunel for Gainsborough Pictures.

The production has also been begun of the British film describing the battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands. The scenario of this film, in which the Federation of British Industries is interested, is the work of Mr. H. C Engholm and Mr. Frank C. Bowen, and it is to be distributed by the firm of W. and F. Other British productions are “Robinson Crusoe”, which Mr. A. Wetherall is making in Tobago; “Down Hill”, a film version of the play, to be made by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock for Gainsborough Pictures; “The Passionate Island”, a film version of Mr. W. W. Jacobs's story, which Mr. Manning Haynes is making in Corsica; and “Tommy Atkins”, which is to be made by Wardour Films at the Old Alliance Studios at Twickenham.