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The Times (12/Oct/1927) - The Film World

(c) The Times (12/Oct/1927)



The Ring, the new British film made by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, will be first seen publicly at the Astoria in Charing Cross-road from next January 16. Mr. Carl Brisson takes the leading part in it. It will not be generally released until a year later. Among the films being generally released next week is the British production, Nelson, made by British Instructional Films, and released by the firm of New Era. Mr. Cedric Hardwicke plays the leading part in this. The Somme is still being shown at the Marble Arch Pavilion, and The Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands ends a rim of a month at the New Gallery today. Tomorrow it will be followed by the American production, Seventh Heaven.