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The Times (20/Apr/1935) - New British Films: Mr. George Arliss as Pepys

(c) The Times (20/Apr/1935)



The next part to be played on the British screen by Mr. George Arliss will be that of an amiable tramp whose peaceful life is jeopardized by his name, which happens to be shared by an international financier who also takes to the road at intervals. The film will be entitled Spike, and will be directed for the Gaumont-British Corporation by Mr. Milton Rosmer, who has also been engaged to direct another film in which Mr. Arliss will be seen as Pepys.

Mr. Walter Huston, the American actor, has been chosen to play the leading part in the film based on the life of Cecil Rhodes. Mr. Peter Lorre and Miss Madeleine Carroll will be seen in The Secret Agent, an adaptation of a story by Mr. Somerset Maugham, which is to be made under the direction of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. Miss Jessie Matthews, Mr. Sonnie Hale, and Miss Anna Lee will appear in a new musical comedy entitled First a Girl, to be directed by Mr. Victor Saville. Arrangements have also been made for Mr. Noah Beery and Miss Helen Vinson to act with Mr. Conrad Veidt in King of the Damned, and Mr. Richard Dix and Miss Madge Evans to appear with him in The Tunnel. Miss Maureen O'Sullivan and Mr. Gordon Harker will support Mr. C. Aubrey Smith in the film version of Mr. Rudyard Kipling's "Soldiers Three," which is being directed by Mr. Walter Forde.

Eriskay, a film about life in the little Hebridean island of Eriskay, made by Dr. Werner Kissling during a holiday there, will be exhibited at Londonderry House on April 30 in aid of the islanders.

A film dealing with the history of, the Great Western Railway Company during the 100 years of its existence is to be made for the company by Mr. Walter Creighton. To ensure the accuracy of the various episodes to be depicted in the film many months have been spent in research work. The film will be released in August, during the centenary celebrations of the company.