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The Times (23/Feb/1927) - The Film World

(c) The Times (23/Feb/1927)



Mr. Amery, M.P., will to-night attend the annual dinner of the Kinematograph Renters' Society and will speak on the subject of the British film industry. The President of the Board of Trade will discuss the same subject at the annual dinner of the Cinematograph Exhibitors' Association at the Hotel Victoria on March 15. Apart from these public speeches, the British film industry is unlikely to come into the political limelight again until after Easter, When the new Bill designed to help the British industry will be introduced into the House of Commons. In spite of persistent rumours to the contrary, there is no ground for believing that the idea of an imposition of a “quota” of British films on exhibitors and renters is to be abandoned.

The activities of British producing firms are gradually growing, find nearly 50 new British pictures are likely to be made during the next 12 months. Among the more important of these productions are “The Somme”, a New Era production, to be made by Mr. Geoffrey Barkas, whose work on similar British war pictures is already well known, and “The Falkland Inlands”, the work of British Instructional Pictures, which is being produced by Mr. Bruce Wolfe and Mr. W. Summers. “Nelson”, another British historical picture, is being shown at the Marble Arch Pavilion this week, and Mr. M. A. Wetherell’s “Robinson Crusoe” is also nearing completion. The firm of Gainsborough Pictures, Limited, have an interesting list, which includes a film version, produced by Mr. Raymond Hitchcock, of “Downhill” with Mr. Ivor Novello, Miss Isabel Jeans, Mr. Norman McKinnel, Miss Lilian Braithwaite, Mr. Ben Webster, and Miss Gladys Jennings in the company; Mr. Basil Dean's film version of “The Constant Nymph” ; Mr. Adrien Brunel's production of “Blighty”, with Miss Lilian Hall-Davies and Miss Ellaline Terriss; “Easy Virtue : One of the Best”; and Mr. Graham Cutts's “The Rolling Road”, with Miss Flora le Breton and Mr. Carlyle Blackwell. Productions by the Arm of Gaumont include “Hindle Wakes” which was recently shown privately; ; “Roses of Picardy”, a film version of Mr. Mottram's “The Spanish Farm” and its sequels, and “The Glad Eye”, with Miss Betty Balfour.