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The Times (31/Aug/1982) - Bergman's long fight ends

(c) The Times (31/Aug/1982)

Bergman's long fight ends

Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish-born actress to whom Humphrey Bogart addressed the memorable greeting over a piano in Casablanca: "Here's lookin' at you, kid", is dead. Miss Bergman, who was 67, lost a long battle with cancer at her London home on Sunday night.

She underwent a mastectomy operation in 1974, and another in 1979. Last April, when reports began to circulate that the disease had recurred, she told a newspaper interviewer. "I am not as young as I used to be, but I am in good health. I am not dying".

After her second operation, Miss Bergman withdrew into semi-retirement with a career which brought her three Oscars.

Miss Bergman was married three times and had four children. Her third husband, Lars Schmidt, was with her at her Knightsbridge home, when she died.

Some of her family arrived at Heathrow airport from New York last night. They included Mrs Pia Daly (nee Lindstrom), her eldest daughter, and Isabella and Ingrid Rossellini, her twin daughters. Robertino, Miss Bergman's only son, was not in the group but is expected later,