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The Times (31/Jan/1935) - New Films: "The Thirty-Nine Steps" in preparation

(c) The Times (31/Jan/1935)



Chapayev, an adventure film of the Civil War in Turkestan, directed by the brothers Vassilev, will be the main picture in the Film Society's programme at the Tivoli Cinema on Sunday afternoon, February 10. This will be its first presentation outside Russia. Among the short items will be Chartres Cathedral, a new documentary film made under the direction of Alexandre and Rojansky.

Work on the production of the screen version of Mr. John Buchan's spy story, "The Thirty-Nine Steps", has begun at the Shepherds Bush studios under the direction of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, whose film The Man Who Knew Too Much was last week awarded the gold medal of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers. Mr. Robert Donat, in the leading part of the young man who rounds up the spies, will be supported by Miss Madeleine Carroll as Pamela, Mr. Godfrey Tearle as the chief spy, and Miss Peggy Ashcroft as the crofter's wife.

Mr. Claude Rains, who took the title part in The Invisible Man, has returned from Hollywood to appear in the Gaumont-British film The Clairvoyant.