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Tides Wharf Restaurant, Bodega Bay, California

The Tides Wharf Restaurant and Bar are located at 835 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, California 94923.

Since it appeared in "The Birds", the restaurant has expanded and the complex now includes a hotel.

Hitchcock's Films

The Birds (1963)

Though the use of Albert Whitlock's matte shots and a studio lot set, the restaurant appears to be located at the heart of Bodega Bay, whereas it is actually located on the coast road south of the town.

Mitch Zankich, the owner of the Tides, gave permission for Hitchcock to use the restaurant in the film on the condition that he had a small speaking role. According the Zankich, he also asked that Rod Taylor's character be named "Mitch".

The bird attack, which culminates with the fire at the gas station, was partly filmed in the restaurant's parking lot and mostly back at the Universal studio lot. Interior scenes were filmed on a studio set.

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