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Variety (1970) - International: Hitchcock's Topaz shuffles endings


  • article: International: Hitchcock's Topaz shuffles endings
  • journal: Variety (04/Feb/1970)
  • issue: volume 257, issue 12, page 30
  • journal ISSN: 0042-2738
  • publisher: Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc
  • keywords: Topaz (1969)




London, Feb. 3.

Filmmakers often hedge by double-shooting sequences for the global markets. In the case of "Topaz" (U), it develops that Alfred Hitchcock cranked up no less than three different endings for the spy meller based on the Leon Uris novel.

The first, in which opposing agents stage a shootout in a football stadium, was sneaked in San Francisco to negative reaction. It's never been exhibited since. The second had the Commie agent killing himself. But when some British critics hissed, the distrib (with Hitchcock's consent) recoursed to the third "cover" in which the enemy operative survives.

Local audiences, however, nixed that one, so now it's back to the second windup—pro tem, anyhow.