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Variety (1975) - Pictures: Graveyard Stunting




Graveyard Stunting

Hollywood, June 10.

Through the wonders of its prop department, Universal created such a perfect cemetery for Alfred Hitchcock's luncheon Thursday (29), the only touch missing were the corpses. Then the press bus arrived.

Of course, a man who serves blue food to guests at home would never go to such elaborate lengths just to twit the press. Most of them wouldn't get the joke, anyway, even with their own names on the headstones.

For the record, therefore, the lunch was the initial plug for the director's 53d film "Deceit," attended by himself and cast members Karen Black, Bruce Dern, Barbara Harris and Roy Thinnes. Film has just started shooting on U lot and the actual cemetery shots were filmed in Sierra Madre.

A Hitchcock bust draped in black graced the entrance to the fake gravesite as an organist improvised dirges and waitresses passed by in black dresses and mourning veils.

The tablecloths were black, topped by lilies. The actress Black arrived in blond wig contrasting to black dress and hat, carrying a bouquet of stock and baby's breath.

Hitchcock came in a green car, despite the availability of numerous long black limos. Probably another joke there somewheres.

Images of the Event

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