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Vertigo (1958) - trivia

Trivia for Vertigo (1958).

Did You Know?

Alternative Cast

  • Vera Miles was original cast in the dual role of Madeleine/Judy. Officially, her pregnancy was the reason for Miles being replaced by Kim Novak, but privately Hitchcock and James Stewart had reservations about Miles after the lukewarm critical response to The Wrong Man (1956).

Alternative Titles

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (complete title)
  • From Among the Dead (working title)
  • Illicit Darkening (working title)
  • Listen Darkling (working title)
  • Aus Dem Reich Der Toten (Germany)
  • Sueurs Froides (France)
  • La Donna Che Visse Due Volte (Italy)

Release Dates