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Welwyn Studios, Hertfordshire

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Welwyn Studios was a British film studio located in Hertfordshire, which operated from 1928 to 1951. The studios were first constructed by British Instructional Films and later taken over by British International Pictures who used it as a secondly base for productions after Elstree Studios. The facilities were occasionally rented out to other production companies.

The buildings were repurposed in the 1950s and then eventually demolished in 2007.

Hitchcock's Films

The 39 Steps (1935)

Although The 39 Steps was predominantly filmed at Lime Grove Studios, the facilities there lacked a backlot to film the street scenes and so Gamount-British hired the standing London street backlot set at Welwyn. The set was repurposed as the unnamed Scottish town where Richard Hannay is betrayed by the local Sheriff, escapes and hides in a Salvation Army parade and then enters the Assembly Hall where the political rally is taking place.[1]

Aventure Malgache and Bon Voyage (1944)

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Notes & References

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