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Yorkshire Post (21/Jun/1929) - 'Journey's End' to be Filmed



'Journey's End' to be Filmed

The fate of "Journey's End" among the film magnates has been curiously mixed. The first announcement made some months ago was that Mr. Morris Gest, the American impresario, had secured it; but it was later given out that two British film companies, Gainsborough and Welsh-Pearson-Elder, had jointly seized upon Mr. Gest's lapsed option and secured the rights for a British "talkie." Today Mr. Michael Balcon, of the Gainsborough Company, announces that this joint British production will indeed take place, but in America, with the aid of the British stage cast now in New York. It is, no doubt, satisfactory to know that this picture will remain in British control while receiving considerable financial backing from America; but the delay in securing "talkie" apparatus over here surely needs some explanation. Two British films at present showing in the West End, Mr. Saville's "Kitty" and Mr. Herbert Wilcox's "Black Waters," were both made into "talkies" in America owing to unwillingness of American electrical firms to send recording equipment in time for the work to be done here, and the first British "talkie" actually completed here, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock's "Blackmail," has been made, I understand, on apparatus originally sent over for laboratory work at Cambridge University. "Blackmail" is to be shown privately, in London over the week-end.