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Yorkshire Post (07/Feb/1927) - Basil Dean as Film Producer



Basil Dean as Film Producer

There is every chance, I understand, that arrangements for filming "The Constant Nymph" will be completed shortly between Mr. Basil Dean, who assisted Miss Margaret Kennedy to dramatise her novel, and Piccadilly Pictures, the British firm with studios as Islington. Mr. Basil Dean has lately developed a keen interest in film production. and is, I believe, anxious to try his hand at direction. But even a man with his long experience of producing on the stage has a great deal of new technique to learn before he can begin directing films, and Mr. Dean has accordingly decided to devote himself seriously to the study of practical production methods.

Last week he spent several days at the Piccadilly studios watching Alfred Hitchcock at work on his new Ivor Novello picture, "Downhill," and on Thursday he will leave for Berlin on a visit to the German studios. When he returns he may take a share in production of the next Piccadilly picture, adapted from Noel Cowards play, "Easy Virtue," which he produced on the stage. This may lead on to Mr. Dean's exercising active control over the film version of "The Constant Nymph," which he is, I believe, most anxious to do.