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Hitchcock as Philosopher (2005) by Robert J. Yanal

author Robert J Yanal
publisher McFarland & Co Inc (2005)
ISBN 0786422815 (paperback)
links LibraryThing

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The films of Alfred Hitchcock deal heavily with psychological and philosophical themes, and one needn't look very far into the canon to find them. In "Psycho", for example, the personality metamorphosis in Marion Crane that leads her into grand larceny is a pale double of the murderous Oedipal divide in Norman Bates. In "The Birds", overbearing natural mutations turn what might have been a "creature feature" into a film about fear of the unknowable. This book looks at 12 Hitchcock films and the positions they put forth on three problem areas of epistemology: deception, knowledge of mind, and problematic knowledge of the external world. These philosophical concepts are explained and woven into the author's thorough and thought-provoking discussion of each film. Descartes and Wittgenstein star; Plato, Locke, Hume, Kant and Kierkegaard also make appearances in this new "philosopher's cut" of the master's works.



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