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Hitchcock Newspaper Articles Project

About the Project

The Hitchcock Newspaper Articles Project is inspired by Jane E. Sloan's work on compiling an "Annotated Bibliography of Writings by and about Hitchcock" for Alfred Hitchcock: A Filmography and Bibliography, published in 1995.

For the purposes of this project, any printed news publication or web site that publishes new content on a daily basis is classified as a "newspaper". For magazines and other non-daily periodicals, see the Hitchcock Journal Articles Project. Given the huge worldwide volume of newspaper articles, the project can only hope to capture a small fraction of those published.

The ongoing list of newspaper articles, sorted by newspaper title and year, is available here.

The 500 most recently added newspaper articles are available here.

As well as archiving important newspaper articles, the wiki also began archiving the Google News feed for Hitchcock in August 2012.

Project Aims

For each article:

  1. provide accurate reference details, including date of publication and author
  2. where the article is available online, provide access links
  3. to index the full-text of the article, so that it is linked to relevant pages on the wiki and vice versa
  4. to archive a copy of the full-text on the wiki


  • Wherever possible, the article's full-text will be archived on the wiki for the primary purpose of long-term preservation. However, the intention is not to deliberately breach the author's copyright. If you are the rights holder and would prefer the full-text to be removed, please email admin@hitchcock.zone with the relevant details and it will be removed within 24 hours of your email being acknowledged.

How Articles are Indexed

Articles are indexed in two ways on the wiki:

  1. many pages contain a "see: articles about..." link, which should locate articles that are specifically about a person or a topic, e.g. articles about Michael Balcon


  2. at the top of the page, underneath the title, you'll often find a "see also..." link — this locates all of the articles that contain a reference to the subject, e.g. articles that reference Michael Balcon (n.b. the subject might only be mentioned briefly)