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A Film Profile (BBC, 19/Sep/1966)

Broadcast Details

  • broadcast on BBC One Television
  • date: 19/Sep/1966, 10:40pm
  • length: 30 minutes


Alfred Hitchcock discusses with Philip Jenkinson the technique of creating suspense. "The viewer of television murder can enjoy all the sensations without the mess; no stains to remove, no body to dispose of, no cement to dry ... I'm no different from the man who builds a switchback railway and says I'm going to make this first dip a pretty good one; just you listen to them scream! The basis of my work is the making of nightmares with at much realism as possible." Film extracts by courtesy of Bank, Paramount, Universal, M.G.M., United Artists, and Twentieth Century-Fox.[1]

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Notes & References

  1. Project Genome: BBC Radio Times Archive