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Alfred Hitchcock's A Choice of Evils

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's A Choice of Evils


  • 34 Stories of Mystery and Suspense


  1. The Battered Mailbox by Stanley Cohen
  2. Center of Attention by Dan J. Marlowe
  3. Lesson for a Pro by Stephen Wasylyk
  4. Aftermath of Death by Talmage Powell — AHMM 8(7)
  5. Enough Rope for Two by Clark Howard
  6. A Change for the Better by Arthur Porges
  7. A Killing in the Market by Robert Bloch
  8. Do It Yourself by Charles Mergendahl
  9. Lost and Found by James Michael Ullman — AHMM 18(8)
  10. Passport in Order by Lawrence Block
  11. Moonlight Gardener by Robert L. Fish
  12. Courtesy Call by Sonora Morrow
  13. Restored Evidence by Patrick O'Keeffe
  14. The Standoff by Frank Sisk
  15. A Fine and Private Place by Virginia Long
  16. Dead, You Know by John Lutz — AHMM 13(1)
  17. A Certain Power by Edward D. Hoch
  18. Hunters by Borden Deal
  19. The Driver by William Brittain
  20. Class Reunion by Charles Boeckman
  21. Mean Cop by W. Sherwood Hartman — AHMM 13(11)
  22. Kill, If You Want Me! by Richard Deming
  23. Welcome to My Prison by Jack Ritchie
  24. Come into My Parlor by Gloria Amoury
  25. Lend Me Your Ears by Edward Wellen
  26. Killer Scent by Joe E. Hensley
  27. Dear Corpus Delicti by William Link and Richard Levinson
  28. Knight of the Road by Thomasina Weber — AHMM 8(9)
  29. The Truth that Kills by Donald Olson — AHMM 17(12)
  30. Where is Thy Sting? by John F. Suter
  31. Anatomy of an Anatomy by Donald E. Westlake
  32. Murder Me Twice by Lawrence Treat
  33. Not a Laughing Matter by Evan Hunter
  34. The Graft is Green by Harold Q. Masur