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Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum (book)

US hardback

Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum


  • Twelve Shuddering Stories for Daring Young Readers


  1. The Day of the Dragon novelette by Guy Endore
  2. The King of the Cats by Stephen Vincent Benet
  3. Slime novelette by Joseph Payne Brennan
  4. The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles by Margaret St. Clair (as Idris Seabright)
  5. Henry Martindale, Great Dane by Miriam Allen deFord
  6. The Microscopic Giants by Paul Ernst
  7. The Young One novelette by Jerome Bixby
  8. Doomsday Deferred by Will F. Jenkins
  9. Shadow, Shadow, on the Wall by Theodore Sturgeon
  10. The Desrick on Yandro by Manly Wade Wellman
  11. The Wheelbarrow Boy by Richard Parker
  12. Homecoming by Ray Bradbury



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Notes & References

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