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Alfred Hitchcock: The Late Unlamented

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock: The Late Unlamented


  • A casket of horrors unlocked by the famous custodian or terror


"This collection of stories has been selected by Peter Haining from issues of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine published during the last five years in the USA..."

  1. The Late Unlamented by Jonathan Craig
  2. The Telltale Eye by Arthur Porges
  3. Ghost Of A Chance by Carroll Mayers
  4. The Madness Machine by Leo R. Ellis
  5. A Witch For The Burning by C.B. Gilford
  6. Haunted Hall by Donald Honig
  7. The End Of An Era by Richard Levinson & William Link
  8. Until Death Do Us Part by Carroll Mayers
  9. The China Cottage by August Derleth
  10. Death By Misadventure by Wenzell Brown
  11. When this Man Dies by Lawrence Block
  12. Sheriff Peavy’s Cosa Nostra Caper by Richard Hardwick