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Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV) - Season 7


The seventh season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran from 10/Oct/1961 to 26/Jun/1962, with Hitchcock directing the following episode:

Season 7 Episode List

The following is a complete of the episodes, with the original broadcast date shown in brackets. Please note that the episode summaries may contain spoilers!

  1. The Hatbox (10/Oct/1961)
  2. Bang! You're Dead (17/Oct/1961)
  3. Maria (24/Oct/1961)
  4. Cop for a Day (31/Oct/1961)
  5. Keep Me Company (07/Nov/1961)
  6. Beta Delta Gamma (14/Nov/1961)
  7. You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life (21/Nov/1961)
  8. The Old Pro (28/Nov/1961)
  9. I Spy (05/Dec/1961)
  10. Services Rendered (12/Dec/1961)
  11. The Right Kind of Medicine (19/Dec/1961)
  12. A Jury of Her Peers (26/Dec/1961)
  13. The Silk Petticoat (02/Jan/1962)
  14. Bad Actor (09/Jan/1962)
  15. The Door Without a Key (16/Jan/1962)
  16. The Case of M.J.H. (23/Jan/1962)
  17. The Faith of Aaron Menefee (30/Jan/1962)
  18. The Woman Who Wanted to Live (06/Feb/1962)
  19. Strange Miracle (13/Feb/1962)
  20. The Test (20/Feb/1962)
  21. Burglar Proof (27/Feb/1962)
  22. The Big Score (06/Mar/1962)
  23. Profit-Sharing Plan (13/Mar/1962)
  24. Apex (20/Mar/1962)
  25. The Last Remains (27/Mar/1962)
  26. Ten O'Clock Tiger (03/Apr/1962)
  27. Act of Faith (10/Apr/1962)
  28. The Kerry Blue (17/Apr/1962)
  29. The Matched Pearl (24/Apr/1962)
  30. What Frightened You, Fred? (01/May/1962)
  31. Most Likely to Succeed (08/May/1962)
  32. Victim Four (15/May/1962)
  33. The Opportunity (22/May/1962)
  34. The Twelve Hour Caper (29/May/1962)
  35. The Children of Alda Nuova (05/Jun/1962)
  36. First Class Honeymoon (12/Jun/1962)
  37. The Big Kick (19/Jun/1962)
  38. Where Beauty Lies (26/Jun/1962)
  39. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1962) - initially denied a network broadcast, but later shown in syndication