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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Summer Shade


"Summer Shade" was originally broadcast on 10/Jan/1961 as part of the sixth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Ben and Phyllis Kendall move to Salem, Massachusetts with their 9-year old daughter Kate. Ben and Phyllis become deeply worried when their daughter starts playing with an imaginary friend named Letty. Kate's parents get help from a local minister when Kate shows up one day with a magic charm to ward off evil spirits. The Minister tells them that a girl named Letty died in 1692. Ben and Phyllis become worried that their daughter is possessed, but are relieved when Kate befriends a girl in the neighborhood named Judy. When the two girls are alone, however, Judy begins to speak in colonial English. Kate tells her to stop and warns her that she might be exorcised. (TV.com)

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