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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Changing Heart


"The Changing Heart" was originally broadcast on 03/Jan/1961 as part of the sixth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Dane Ross goes to a shop owned by Ulrich Klemm in order to get his watch repaired. Ulrich is a master clockmaker who fled Europe during World War II. At the shop, Dane falls in love with Ulrich's daughter Lisa. Klemm, however, insists that they not see each other. Dane reluctantly agrees to stop seeing her and leaves. Later, he hears that she has grown dangerously ill. Dane returns to the shop and discovers that Ulrich has passed away and that Lisa is confined to a wheelchair. Still loving her, he embraces her and is startled to hear a strange ticking coming from her chest. The old clockmaker saved his daughter by giving her a clockwork heart. (TV.com)

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