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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - The Throwback


"The Throwback" was originally broadcast on 28/Feb/1961 as part of the sixth season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


Elliot Gray's girlfriend Enid admits to having an affair with a maned named Cyril. He insists that she break off with the other man and she agrees. Later, Cyril challenges Elliot to a duel. Elliot refuses given Cyril's age. He agrees, however, when Cyril offers a proxy. The proxy beats Elliot severely. Elliot returns home, but is greeted by the police. They take him back to Cyril's home where Enid is found tending to the old man's wounds. Cyril claims that Elliot beat him up. Enid is horrified that Elliot would do such a thing. She dumps him and agrees to stay with Cyril. (TV.com)

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