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Artforum (2007) - Dalí and Film


  • newspaper article: Dalí and Film
  • author(s): Malcolm Turvey
  • journal: Artforum (01/May/2007)
  • issue: volume 45, issue 9, page 167
  • journal ISSN: 1086-7058
  • publisher: Artforum Inc
  • keywords: Art exhibits, Motion pictures



Dalí and Film


June 1‑September 9

Curated by Dawn Ades, Montse Aguer, Félix Fanès, and Matthew Gale

Salvador Dalí's contributions to the art of cinema are well known, but the influence of film on bis practice in other media is less so. This exhibition, co‑organized with the Gala‑Salvador Dalí Foundation in I'igueres, Spain, aims to rectify the situation: Some one hundred Dalí paintings, photographs, drawings, and manuscripts are being displayed alongside his work in film — including his collaborations with Luis Buñuel, Alfred Hitchcock, and Walt Disney — in order not only to explore the origins of the ideas in his films, but also, more interestingly perhaps, to illuminate the ways in which Dalí attempted to apply what he learned as a filmmaker to his other work. A comprehensive catalogue should tease out these connections in detail. Travels to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oct. 14. 2007‑Jan. 6, 2008; Salvador Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, FL, Feb. 1‑June 1, 2008; Museum of Modern Art, NCH ' York, June 29‑Sept. IS, 2008.