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Bates Motel (1987)

VHS release cover


Television pilot for a spin-off series based on the Hitchcock film Psycho (1960).

In 2013, Universal Television developed a new series, also titled Bates Motel, this time envisioned as a prequel to the film.


Alex West is a man whom roomed with Norman Bates at the state lunatic asylum for nearly 20 years. After the death of Bates, Alex finds that he's in Norman's will as the inheritor of the Bates Motel, which has been vacant since the time of Norman's arrest. Alex travels to Fairvale, California and with a little help from a teenage runaway, named Willie, Alex struggles to re-open the motel for business, only to have strange going ons happen. Is someone trying to drive him away, or is the motel is really haunted by the ghost of Norman's mother? (IMDB)

Technical Information

  • colour and black & white
  • sound mix: stereo
  • aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • running time: 90 minutes
  • production studio: Universal TV

DVD Releases

  • none

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