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Bodega Lane, Bodega, California

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Bodega Lane is situated in the town of Bodega, California, and links a number of properties to Bodega Highway.

Hitchcock's Films

The Birds (1963)

Bodega Lane appears several times during The Birds and is the road down which the school children run during the bird attack on their school house.

Although actress Suzanne Pleshette is initially seen running down the hill during the bird attack, she was unavailable for the subsequent studio-based scenes that show the attack in close-up.

Annie Hayworth's House

Hayworth's house was actually a facade built on vacant land near the school building on Bodega Lane.

Potter School House

Built in 1873, the Potter School House at 17110 Bodega Lane had been abandoned by the early 1960s and the façade was repaired for use as the school in the film.

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