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Broadcasting (15/Apr/1957) - In Review: Books




ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: STORIES THEY WOULDN'T LET ME DO ON TV; 372 pp., $3.95; Simon & Schustcr Inc., New York.

And such lovely stories they are, too. In one, a man kills his mistress, grinds her into chicken feed and raises a splendid set of cockerels: in another, a father murders his little daughter at her birthday party, then serves up her insides; in yet another, man hunts man for sport, etc. Mr. Hitchcock has thoughtfully provided a preface to this murder, mayhem and masochism, which states that all these items have one thing in common: They're not interrupted by commercials. That's not all they have in common: They also violate every precept of the 1934 Communications Act and the NARTB Code.