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Camera Three (CBS, 1972)

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Camera Three was an American variety show showcasing drama, ballet, art, music, and cinema. It ran on CBS from 1956 to 1979, and moved to PBS in its final year to make way for the then-new CBS News Sunday Morning. The PBS version ran from October 1979 to July 1980.

The Illustrated Alfred Hitchcock

In July 1972, Camera Three broadcast two 30 minute interviews with Alfred Hitchcock titled The Illustrated Alfred Hitchcock, which were conducted by Pia Lindström and William K. Everson. The interviews included footage from a variety of Hitchcock's films.

An edited 34 minute version of the interview is available in Universal's 2005 "Masterpiece Collection" DVD set and the 2005 "Special Edition" UK release of Psycho.

The 2013 Criterion Collection release of The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) contains a 50 minute version of the interview.[1]


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Hitchcock and Pia Lindström

Notes & References

  1. Assuming the original 30 minute running time included advert breaks, the 50 minute version is likely complete.