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Carlyle Blackwell



Carlyle Blackwell Snr was an American silent film actor and a minor director and producer.

He spent much of the 1920s in England, co-founding Piccadilly Pictures with Michael Balcon in 1926, and was the first actor to portray Bulldog Drummond in a film.

After producing Alfred Hitchcock's breakthrough film, The Lodger (1927), he was announced as the lead actor for a Hitchcock adaptation of John Buchan's novel Huntingtower.

After his final film in 1930, Blackwell turned to performing on stage in live theatre.

Carlyle Blackwell died in Miami, Florida in 1955, aged 71.


With Hitchcock...


  • born 20/Jan/1884 in Troy, New York
  • died 17/Jun/1955 in Miami, Florida