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Chandos Road, Stratford, London

Chandos Road is a residential street in Stratford, originally built in the 1860s.

Following the expansion of the Stratford Railway Works in the 1870s, the demand for residential properties in the town increased and Chandos Road was extended at its eastern end.[1]

During the 1980s, the area was redeveloped and the houses on the extension of Chandos Road were demolished.

39 Chandos Road

Following his marriage to Emma Jane Whelan in September 1887, William Hitchcock moved to 39 Chandos Road and it was here that their first child, William John Hitchcock, was born 18 August 1888.

By the time of the 1891 Census, the family had moved to 29 Louise Road.

Archive Maps

On this archive map from 1895, number 39 is shaded red. The small back garden (where the outside lavatory was located) is shaded green and the small front garden is shaded yellow.

Google Maps

Approximate former location of 39 Chandos Road:

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Notes & References

  1. To differentiate the two roads, the extension is sometimes named "Chandos Road East" on maps.