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Charles Barr


Professor Charles Barr helped to found the Film Department at the University of East Anglia in the late 1970s. Since leaving UEA in 2006, he has worked in St Louis and in Ireland, and is currently a Professorial Research Fellow at St Mary's University, Twickenham.

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Highlights from Hitchcock scholar Charles Barr's talk at the Researcher's Tales event at the BFI Library [December 2000]. Here, he explores Hitchcock's formative years in silent cinema and his influences, including German Expressionist filmmakers, Russian film theorists and screenwriter Eliot Stannard.

Professor Charles Barr discusses "one of the most interesting 'might have beens' of cinema history", a Titanic film which was to have been Hitchcock's first Hollywood project. (11/Apr/2012)

Alfred Hitchcock's Titanic: The Film that Never Was (2012)

Cambridge Arts Picture House (19/Oct/2012)

Charles Barr: "Hitchcock and his Writers" (07/Feb/2013)


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