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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in both the U.S. state of Illinois and the American Midwest.

Hitchcock's Films

North by Northwest (1959)

Chicago was one of the filming locations used for North by Northwest and the film was premièred at the United Artists Theater in Chicago on July 1st, 1959.

LaSalle Street Station

Following his night on the 20th Century Limited from Grand Central Station with Eve Kendall, Roger Thornhill arrives at LaSalle Street Station.

Omni Ambassador Hotel

After the crop duster attack, Thornhill tracks Kendall down to the Omni Ambassador Hotel.

Midway Airport

After the Auction House scene, Thornhill is taken to Midway Airport to meet The Professor.

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