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Cineaste (1984) - Hitchcock's Women




Hitchcock's 1980 death, Donald Spoto's revealing biography, The Dark Side of Genius, and the recent rerelease of Hitchcock's personal favorites provided us with a fresh opportunity to speculate on this fascinating filmmaker's career. In Rear Window, Stewart is bedridden with a broken leg, forced to watch life as a voyeur-from the sexy Miss Torso, who consciously exhibits herself in front of her window, to Miss Lonelyhearts, who plays out a fantasy by creating an imaginary lover (is it stretching the point to suggest that she, too, is Hitchcock?), to the man who finally murders his nagging wife. [...] closer to home, in the fairy tale world of film, we should not forget Hitchcock's harassment of Tippi Hedren, Hinckley's obsession with Jodie Foster, and the brutal murder of Dorothy Straiten (dramatized in Star 80).