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Claude News (29/Dec/1955) - Burt Boyar in New York


  • article: Burt Boyar in New York
  • newspaper: Claude News (29/Dec/1955)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock



Season's Greetings!

DON'T TELL 'EM WE TOLD YOU, BUT: The Gabors, 'cept for Zsa Zsa, are getting f-a-t ... Van Heflin gets his hair dyed that sable brown shade at a beauty salon for women on Fifth Avenue ... Liberace, who was seen on 240 TV stations last Christmas, is now appearing on only 75 ... Alice Faye must shed 40 pounds before TV will focus on her ... Alfred Hitchcock, the movie mystery director, is scared to death of guns ... Marilyn Monroe's idea of heaven is to snuggle into a bed made with white satin sheets ... Prince Rainier of Monaco, now visiting here, hired a press agent to keep his romances OUT of the papers ... Rita Hayworth's very past due account in the thousands with Elfreda, the NY dressmaker, was just paid in full by Ali Khan ... Eddie Fisher's NBC contract pays him $7,500,000 over a 15-year period ... Van Heflin needs a hair cut ... Shirley Boots bakes the world's worst cakes.