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Cornish Telegraph (06/Dec/1934) - Wedding at St. Levan


  • article: Wedding at St. Levan
  • newspaper: Cornish Telegraph (06/Dec/1934)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock




A pretty wedding was solemnised at St. Levan parish church on Wednesday morning, when the contracting parties were Miss Norah Hocking, daughter of Mrs G. Evans, of Sunnycourt, Bridport, Dorset, and Mr. J. J. Hocking, of St. Trendrencan Farm.

The bride, who was given away by her brother (Mr. Ernest Hocking), was attired in an ankle length dress of white rung velvet, with a bridal veil. The two bridesmaids wore ankle length dressy of green velvet, and hats and muffs to match.

The wedding breakfast was provided by Mr. J. H. Hocking, of Bosistow Farm, an uncle of the bride.

There were about one hundred presents and included among them was a case of cutlery from the staff of The Post Office and a wireless set from Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, the film producer.

Following the ceremony the happy couple left for their honeymoon, which is being spent on a motoring tour.


  • Gladys Norah Hocking was born around 1910 in St Levan, Cornwall, the daughter of draper Richard Ernest Hocking (b. ~1880) and Gertrude Hocking (b. ~1884). At the time of the 1911 Census, the family were living at 37 Clayton Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, and her father died shortly afterwards on 04/Aug/1911. She died in 1985, aged 75.
  • John James Hocking was born around 1906 in St. Levan, Cornwall, the son of farmer Joseph Hocking (b. ~1856) and Jessie Hocking (b.~ 1868). He likely died in 1975, aged 68.
  • At present, it is uncertain what Alfred Hitchcock's link to this wedding was.