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Covent Garden, London - quotes

Quotations relating to Covent Garden, London...

It's a very brutal film, but it’s full of things [Hitchcock] loves, like food and London. It's a very loving portrayal of the Covent Garden Market, because now that’s moved over to Nine Elms and Battersea, and we knew at the time that Covent Garden wasn't going to be there forever, and Barry and I remember saying to one another this will be a very exclusive piece of film.

Anna Massey (2001)

Film Production

It's a very London film, and I know he wanted to make that. I think he thought — whether he thought rightly or wrongly is another matter — that people thought that he had rather sold out and gone to live in Hollywood. I personally don't think that he would have been the world success he became had he stayed here in England.

When we were filming in Covent Garden, a curious thing took place that a very old man came up to him. I remember security men running in very quickly because you know what goes on these days, or even in those days. It wasn't quite as bad, but nonetheless... And he said, "I remember your father here in the market." Hitchcock was delighted, of course. He said, "Leave him alone," sat him down, had a long talk with him about his dad, gave him a great meal and sent him on his way. It's a nice touch, but he was finding and feeling his roots as they had been.

Anthony Shaffer (2001)