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DVD18 is a two-sided dual-layer format DVD disc capable of storing up to 15.9GB of data.

As data is stored within two separate layers on each side, this may cause a noticable pause during playback as the DVD player refocuses the laser to read the second layer.

As data is stored on both sides of the disc, the DVD will need to be manually flipped over to access the data on the other side.

DVD18 has gained a reputation for manufacturing problems (e.g. discs released by Universal).

The main DVD formats currently in use are:

  • DVD5 (single-sided single-layer)
  • DVD9 (single-sided dual-layer)
  • DVD10 (two-sided single-layer)
  • DVD14 (two-sided single/dual-layer)
  • DVD18 (two-sided dual-layer)