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Derby Daily Telegraph (07/Aug/1940) - How Film Chief Reduces


  • article: How Film Chief Reduces
  • newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph (07/Aug/1940)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock


  • Several other regional newspapers carried the same story, with just minor alterations to the wording.


How Film Chief Reduces

Being fat is just a state of mind, and losing weight is mainly a mental process, says Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, the British film director.

Three months ago Mr. Hitchcock weighed 20st. 12lb. He now weighs a mere 17st. 12lb. He hopes within a year to be down to 12st. 2lb.

He accomplished this by dieting, doing without two of his three big meals a day, and by cutting the third meal down to a normal size.

He insists, however, that it is not lack of foot that has taken three inches off his waistline. It is the metal anguish, the constant consciousness of the food he is missing.