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Dilys Powell's History of the British Cinema (1987)

A 13-part radio series hosted by film critic Dilys Powell.

Broadcast Details

  • broadcast on BBC Radio 4
  • date: 17/Jan/1987 onwards
  • length: 13 x 30 minutes

Synopsis: Episode 1

The first of 13 programmes "From Silence to Sound". "With Blackmail, his first talkie, Hitchcock was introducing the British Cinema to the handling of tension, the stretched nerve, the lingering terror. Murder - but murder with human character. That's what one remembers - why one remembers." Dilys Powell begins her History of the British Cinema with the emergence of Alfred Hitchcock in the late 1920s. Michael Powell, David Lean, Graham Greene, Margaret Lockwood and Sidney Gilliat look back on the man and his work.[1]


Notes & References

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