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Documentary News Letter (1944) - Notes of the Month





Comings and Goings

During the past month or two there have been a number of significant transatlantic trips in the interests of film propaganda. Basil Wright is back refreshed by the sight of Canadian progress, particularly in the non-theatrical field, whilst George Archibald has returned to assumed the post of Controller of Home and Films Divisions in the Ministry of Information. This appointment has had the effect of elevating Tom Baird into Archibald's former post of Films Division representative in the United States. Baird pioneered, under John Grierson's guidance, in the building up of non-theatrical distribution in this country, and did much to lay the foundations of what has pretty certainly become a permanent part of our national life.

The most mysterious journey was made by Alfred Hitchcock who left Hollywood for a few months to make in British studios some official shorts intended for eventual distribution in liberated Europe, and who has now returned to America and to his more permanent pursuits. The nature of Hitchcock's work remains shrouded in appropriately melodramatic mystery and we have as yet had no opportunity of judging whether this first-rate technician has blossomed out into a good propagandist.