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Dundee Evening Telegraph (01/Dec/1926) - Offer to British Film Producer


  • article: Offer to British Film Producer
  • newspaper: Dundee Evening Telegraph (01/Dec/1926)
  • keywords: Graham Cutts



Following the announcement made in Parliament last week that a Bill is being drafted to protect the cinematography industry of this country, a cable was received by Mr Graham Cutts, the British film producer, asking him to name his own figure to produce films in America.

Mr Cutts, commenting on the cable, said, "I don't know yet what I shall do. I've just finished my latest production, 'The Rolling Road,' and I need a rest for a week or so. I've no desire to go to the States while I can produce British films."

Mr Graham Cutts was a cinema exhibitor until 1921, when he produced "The Wonderful Story," which created a sensation by its power and simplicity.