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Dundee Evening Telegraph (06/Jul/1940) - British Children for Hollywood



British Children for Hollywood

Film Stars to Arrange Homes for Them

New York, Saturday.

The first of a group of British children are arriving in Hollywood within ten days under a scheme sponsored by Douglas Fairbanks and supported by the British film colony, according to a Los Angeles telegram to the "New York Daily News."

Sixty-three children from the Actors' Orphanage in England are included. Mr Alfred Hitchcock, the film director, is stated to be in Ottawa arranging the children's transfer to the United States after they reach Canada.

Others co-operating in the reception of the children include Ronald Colman, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Alexander Korda, Merle Oberon, Alan Mowbray, Basil Rathbone, Edna Best, Charles Laughton and Binnie Barnes.

Want U.S. Ships to Carry Them.

An urgent plea to make United States ships available to carry refugee children to America appears in the "New York Herald Tribune."

"The neutrality laws should be modified to permit of their despatch for this purpose," the paper urges.