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Exhibitors Daily Review (05/Jul/1928) - New Pictures: The Case of Jonathan Drew




A so-so English mystery-melodrama, lacking any comedy relief so beloved by our Americans.

Audience Appeal: Might go on a daily change program if you know your patrons will sit through a solemn mystery fillum.

Story Value: The beginning of the picture leads one to suspect a really good thriller coming, but it quickly drops into the straight and narrow path and, like most people who follow that road, becomes rather flat. Jonathan Drew is the center of attraction being suspected for the Avenger, a gentlemen in the city of London who has an aversion to blondes and has just murdered his seventh. Because of Drew's mysterious frowns and hot interest in the blonde daughter of the people with whom he's boarding, he is arrested. And the very worst happens when the real criminal confesses and there's the usual clinch of hero and heroine at the end.

Acting: Horribly overacted.

Technical Treatment: Director Hitchcock at times showed some good stuff. Picture needs some skillful cutting. Photography not so good.