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Fairvale, California

Fairvale is a fictional small town in California, created by author Robert Bloch as a key location for his 1959 novel Psycho. For his 1960 adaptation of the novel, director Alfred Hitchcock reused the town's name.

According to Bloch's book, Fairvale has a courthouse set back from a town square on Main Street, with benches lining the sidewalks and the local newspaper is the Weekly Herald.

Sam Loomis owns a hardware store in the town, which was opened by his late father. Speaking to his fiancée Mary Crane (named Marion in the film), he says of Fairvale, "It's a nice town, but a small one. Everybody knows everybody else's business."

The Bates Motel, built by Norma Bates and run by her son Norman, is located approximately 20 miles from Fairvale on the old highway.