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Film Quarterly (1966) - Torn Curtain


  • article: Torn Curtain
  • author(s): R.M. Hodgens
  • journal: Film Quarterly (01/Dec/1966)
  • issue: volume 20, issue 2, page 63
  • DOI: 10.1525/fq.1966.20.2.04a00320
  • journal ISSN: 0015-1386



Torn Curtain.

While everybody else is copying North by Northwest as if only its humor mattered, to sad effect, Hitchcock himself has made another one in which everything matters. It is thin, for Hitchcock, and it is not easy to believe in Paul Newman and Julie Andrews as they tear through the Iron Curtain, but the tone is right, and nobody can move things around like Hitchcock.