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Anthony Berkeley

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Anthony Berkeley Cox was a British crime fiction author, born in Watford, England. He wrote under several names, his most famous works being under the name Francis Iles. Other pseudonyms he used included Anthony Berkeley and Monmouth Platts.

As well as adapting Before the Fact into Suspicion (1941), director Alfred Hitchcock had also wanted to adapt Malice Aforethought into a film — Hitchcock found the opening line of the novel most intriguing:

"It was not until several weeks after he had decided to murder his wife that Dr Bickleigh took any active steps in the matter."

Despite not filming the novel, Hitchcock did produce a two unbroadcast radio pilots of the story in the mid-1940s, under the titles Once Upon a Midnight (1947) and The Alfred Hitchcock Show (circa 1947).


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