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Frenzy (1972) - trailers

Trailers for Frenzy (1972).

Trailer 1

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(Hitch)   I dare say you are wondering why I am floating around London 
          like this. I'm on the famous Thames river, investigating a
          murder. Rivers can be very sinister places and in my new film,
          Frenzy, this river you may say, was the scene of a very
          horrible murder.

(woman)   It's a woman.
(man)     Another necktie murder.

(Hitch)   Of course, one can never be sure where danger lurks. They tell
          me a dreadful crime was committed right in this building. My
          investigation next lead me to this innocent alley, of which
          there are hundreds in London. But I don't think we should stay
          long. Something unpleasant is about to happen.

caption:  FRENZY

caption:  FRENZY

(Hitch)   Here is the scene of another horrible murder. This is the famous
          London wholesale fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden. Here
          you may buy the fruits of evil and the horrors of vegetables.
          I've heard of a leg of lamb, a leg of chicken but never a leg of

(man)     Here, what's wrong?

(Hitch)   How do you like my tie? How do you like it?

(woman)   My god, the tie!


Trailer 2 - Germany

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