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Gloucester Citizen (01/Feb/1933) - Alfred Hitchcock's New Post



Alfred Hitchcock's New Post


From a Film Correspondent

Alfred Hitchcock, the most famous English film director, is in future to make talkies for the London Film Company.

Mr. Hitchcock's change of employment is one of the greatest interest. It opens up a field full of opportunities for one of the most brilliant cinema minds in tho world.

Mr. Hitchcock has been employed for the last six years by British International Pictures at Elstree. He made "The Ring," a highly original silent film, and in tho early days of talkies startled the film world with his clever ideas in "Blackmail," "Juno and the Payoock," and "Murder."

Recently the policy of his firm has not given scope for Mr. Hitchcock's peculiar abilities. He has been supervising the work of other directors at a salary, it has been stated, of £10,000 a year.

He is 33. When he was 15 he was a junior clerk earning 15/- a week. At 16 he began work in a film studio, and achieved his first, success as a director with "The Lodger" (silent version) when ho was 25.

"My Idea Is————————"

Hitchcock said today: "I am looking forward very much to my new activities. If I told you what I wanted to do people would probably accuse me of being high-brow. But my idea is to make box-office successes which will at the same time be intelligent pictures for grown-up minds."

London Films is a comparatively new concern which has already put out two highly promising films, produced with polish and ability. One of these, "Wedding Rehearsal," is released this week and stars George Grossmith, Roland Young, and Lady Tree.