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Gordon Harker

Harker in [[The Farmer's Wife]]


Gordon Harker was an English film actor, the son of theatre scenic artist Joseph Harker.

He appeared in nearly 70 films between 1921 and 1959, including three films directed by Alfred Hitchcock and a cameo appearance in Elstree Calling (1930), a revue film co-directed by Hitchcock.

Harker died in March 1967, aged 81.


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  • born William Gordon Harker 07/Aug/1885 in Wandsworth, London, England
  • baptised 01/Feb/1888 at St. Faith, Wandsworth, London
  • son of scenic artist Joseph Cunningham Harker (b. 1855)[1] and Sarah Elizabeth Harker (b. ~1856) née Hall[2], who married 10/May/1877 at St. Mary, Lambeth, London
  • brother of Phil Pierpoint Harker (b. 1878)[3], Alice Ada Harker (b. 1880)[4], Dora May Harker (b. 1882)[5], Pheobe Winifred Harker (b. 1887)[6], James Thomas Harker (b. ~1890)[7], Joseph Cunningham Harker (b. 1892)[8], Roland Hall Harker (b. 1895)[9] and Colin Charles Harker (b. 1897)[10]
  • died 02/Mar/1967 in London, England

Census Details


  • 5-year-old living with parents and siblings on Earlsfield Road, Wandsworth, London


  • working as a 15-year-old scene painter and living at 18 The Grove, Wandsworth, London, with parents and siblings


  • working as a 25-year-old actor and living at 9 Macanlay Road, Wandsworth, London, with parents and siblings


Notes & References

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  3. Married 1914 to Barbara Violet ?. Died 03/Nov/1933.
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  5. Born in Dublin, Ireland. Married 31/Oct/1908 to Frank Ridley (b. 1876). Died 1970 in Chichester, Sussex.
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  10. Died 1969 in Pershore, Worcestershire.