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Harmony Heaven (1929)

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Directed by Thomas Bentley and written by Randall Faye, Frank Launder and Arthur Wimperis.

The film starred Polly Ward, Stuart Hall, Trilby Clark, Jack Raine, Philip Hewland, Percy Standing, Gus Sharland, Aubrey Fitzgerald, and Edna Prince.

In his book Hitchcock, François Truffaut lists this film in his Hitchcock filmography, whilst other sources credit Hitchcock as being a co-director with Thomas Bentley. However there is no hard evidence that Hitchcock actually worked on the film. In Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light, Patrick McGilligan states that if Hitchcock did work on the film, then his input was minimal.

More recently, extensive archival research carried out for Hitchcock Lost and Found: The Forgotten Films concluded that Hitchcock was initially announced as the director in early pre-publicity but that he was replaced by Bentley at an early stage and had no involvement at all with the film.